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OXYCARE LTD offers a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. We developed relationships and collaboration with international experts in this form of treatment, and is working with the encouragement and support of Irish Vascular Surgeons and Wound Care Specialists to bring about a significant improvement in care for Irish patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcer, ischaemic-limb conditions, and other HBOT-appropriate medical conditions.100% Medical Oxygen – used for suitable medical conditions as the prescribed medication.



-Enhancement of healing in diabetic foot ulcers, and other suitable ischaemic (oxygen-starved) wounds or
-Healing of heat burns
-Acute Sensorineural Hearing Loss (Sudden deafness)
-Crush injuries and other oxygen-deficient injuries
-Gas gangrene (rare tissue infection)
-Other rare infections (such as Actinomycosis)
-Carbon monoxide poisoning
-Radiation injury (aftermath of radiotherapy for cancer treatment – affecting the jaw [mandible] or other areas)
-Osteomyelitis (infection in bone – not responding to normal treatments)
-Can be used for Avascular necrosis of the hip joint*
-Intracranial (brain) abscess
-Necrotizing Fasciitis (another rare infection of deep tissue)
-Air or gas embolism – which can occur after injuries or operations
-Cyanide poisoning

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