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If you own a restaurant, a cafeteria, a hotel or perhaps a hospital you would know about the challenges associated with the maintenance of a commercial kitchen. There are different impurities generated, excess of humidity, more of heat from the kitchen appliances/equipment and of course, the waste produced during the cooking process. All of these problems can be taken care of if you have a well-designed grease trap or grease removal device installed at your place.Grease Guardian being the world's popular manufacturers provides a wide range of grease traps, grease separator and grease removal systems. These systems are required by law to prevent grease from entering drains and causing blockages. Grease Guardian is a grease interceptor that traps fats, oils and grease and removes them through skimming. Our automatic grease interceptor systems are suitable for all commercial applications. With a global presence in UK, Ireland, USA we offer the best quality grease removal units. If you’re in a need of a grease trap for your commercial or industrial work purpose visit



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