About GOC Plumbing & Heating

GOC Plumbing & Heating is establishing itself as a leading and reliable provider of plumbing and heating services in Kerry and the surrounding counties. The company has worked on various large scale commercial projects since its inception but mainly operates in the domestic plumbing and heating sector. The company prides itself on its ability to upskill as advancements continue to evolve and improve the industry. This in turn benefits our clients as we are able to provide to them newer technologies which are both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. ​Gavin O'Connor is the sole proprietor of GOC Plumbing & Heating. Gavin has worked in the plumbing and heating industry for 12 years. During that time he has worked on projects of all proportions and has also worked overseas.

Cork, Kerry, Limerick


GOC Plumbing & Heating provide a comprehensive list of services in all aspects of the Plumbing and Heating trade from Commercial to Industrial to Residential installation, maintenance and repair.

We provide accurate estimations and quality materials for work carried out to the highest standards and within the timeframe specified.

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