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Carpet Cleaning DublinTurn To Professional Carpet Cleaners To Protect Your InvestmentYou want to enjoy your carpet for long. It’s a core part of your home or business establishment. It creates a warm and inviting feeling, and enhances the elegance of the premises. However, the dirt and grime that builds up in the fibres wears down the carpet, making it look dull and old. You invested a lot in it, and you don't want to keep spend hefty sums replacing it. Get rid of the problem at the source by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals. Our team will eliminate the soiling that is degrading your carpet, and enhance its life.The carpet has a direct impact on the health of the establishment. Loose dust and debris get airborne once the carpet is agitated- like when people walk on it, or even when it's being vacuumed. These particles get inhaled, and can worsen respiratory conditions and trigger allergic reactions. The organic material such as the faecal residue left behind by dust mites irritates the skin, and causes the kids and pets who spend much of the day playing on the carpet to keep scratching themselves. Our carpet cleaning team will eliminate the allergens plus the organisms leaving behind the waste matter, creating a healthier environment in your home or business premises.How Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Benefit You1. Protect your investmentThe dirt and grime in the carpet ruins its structure. It makes it look old and forlorn, which dampens the rest of the ambience. Our personnel makes use of systems that reach deep into the carpet to remove the embedded soiling. For instance, the hot water extraction machine pumps heated water mixed with cleaning solution into the carpet, forcing the hidden dirt and grime to the surface. It is then extracted using powerful suction, to ensure that all content has been removed. This preserves the fibres of your carpet, enabling you to enjoy it for longer.2. Experienced servicesThere are numerous types of carpets in different establishments. Each material has its preferential method of treatment. Using the wrong product can damage the fibres and render the carpet ineffective, permanently ruining it. You also don’t want your carpet to be over-shampooed or over-wet. The former causes excess residue to be left within the carpet, increasing the rate of resoiling, while the latter increases the drying time. The longer the carpet stays wet, the higher the chance of mould and mildew growth. The fungi will make the carpet unsightly, and their spores will be released into the air, inhaled, and trigger allergic reactions. Avoid all these by turning to our professional carpet cleaning personnel. They have years of experience with dealing with the difference carpet types, thus ensuring that yours gets the appropriate treatment. This also preserves the warranty of your carpet, as one of the conditions from the manufacturers usually is to have the carpet cleaned by a certified company.3. Convenient for youIn addition to the inherent risks involved, DIY carpet cleaning takes a lot of time and energy. You can be working for an entire day only to end up with poor results. From moving around furniture, pre-spraying, scrubbing the solution into the fibres, to getting out the residue and drying the carpet, it is labour intensive. Let us take the load off your back. Our personnel come with efficient equipment that makes the carpet cleaning process a breeze. It's fast and thorough, enabling you to resume your day-today activities as soon as possible. The suction also removes most of the moisture content from the carpet, allowing it to dry in as little as 1 hour.4. Enhance the ambience of the establishmentA dirtied and stained carpet dampens the mood of the premises. You won’t be able to be comfortable in your own home, or concentrate fully in your duties at the workplace. It will turn off customers from our business, due to the negative image it portrays. You want your family members at home, and employees at the workplace, to have a conducive atmosphere for their daily lives. Our carpet cleaning services make this possible, by removing the dirt and grime that is the source of all the trouble.5. Protect Mother NatureWe clean your carpet and preserve the environment at the same time. All through the carpet cleaning to the waste disposal, our personnel use eco-friendly products and systems. The indoor air quality is also preserved.6. Budget-friendlyWe don't want you to strain your budget. A comfortable customer is a happy customer. We offer professional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services at affordable prices. The price is determined by factors particular to your situation, such as the type and size of your carpet.Let Us Handle Your Carpet Cleaning Needs For YouOur professionals will protect your carpet. Get in touch with us on our free phone line. We'll take care of your carpet cleaning concerns and queries. Make your appointment today through our online booking and payment systems.Carpet Cleaning Dublin 014440146www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie



Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Professional Carpet Cleaners To Protect Your Investment

The carpet is under constant usage by the persons in your home and business premises. From the persons walking all over, to the kids and your furry friend playing on it, the carpet gathers all kinds of soiling. Dirt is tracked in from the outside, people shed skin flakes and hair, your pet leaves behind fur and dander. The soiling is gritty and gets grinded against the fibres of the carpet by the constant traffic. This wears them down, reducing the life of your carpet. You spent a lot of resources getting a great-looking carpet, and you would like to keep it that way. Call in our carpet cleaning exerts to protect your investment.

You also want to preserve the health of the establishment. The dirt and grime in the carpet is home to billions of bacteria and organisms like dust mites. First, they cause odours that make the interior space unbearable. Secondly, the dust mites leave behind faecal material that can get airborne and cause irritation to the airways when inhaled. Dust, pollen and loose soiling gets raised into the air as people walk on the carpet, and they trigger allergic reactions. Protect your household members and customers in your premises by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals.

Reasons To Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services:

1. Deep Carpet Cleaning

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning gets rid of the dirt and grime that is held deep within the carpet. A solution of the cleaning product and heated water are pumped through the fibres. The solution cuts through the grime and breaks down the stains, making them easier to remove. A high-powered vacuum is then used to remove the contents from your carpet. The process gets rid of all the gunk, from the dust and food spills, to the insect droppings and micro-organisms crawling around in the carpet. This protects the health of the persons in the establishment, by getting rid of the contaminants and pollutants. It also enhances the life of the carpet, by eliminating the gritty and abrasive dirt and grime. The carpet cleaning ensures that you can see the difference in your ambience, and bring back the soft warm feeling under your feet. You get to enjoy your carpet for longer.

2. Experience and Professionalism

DIY carpet cleaning leads to all sorts of trouble. First, using the wrong products degrades and damages the fibres of the carpet, reducing their functionality, and slashing the life of your investment. Over-shampooing causes residue to be left behind, which increases the rate of re-soiling. In case of over-wetting, when too much moisture is used and left in the material, it can cause the carpet to colour bleed, or even separate from the backing. Avoid all these risks and let the professionals take care of the carpet cleaning. We have years of experience and a wide resource pool in handing the unique types of carpet material, and we use the exact amount of product needed for exceptional results. The professional carpet cleaning also preserves the warranty on your carpet. This is because manufacturers insist on getting your carpet cleaned by certified personnel, and it’s with good reason.

3. Quick and Timely Results

You don’t want lengthy interruptions in your day-to-day life at home, or in the middle of office hours at the workplace. The carpet cleaning systems and processes used ensure that the job is completed as soon as possible. The suction used removes the bulk of the moisture from the carpet, and the remainder dries off in just 1 hour.

4. An Eco-Friendly Approach

We cleanse your carpet and protect the environment at the safe time. The carpet cleaning equipment and solutions used are safe for Mother Nature, and pose no risk to your family members at home, or the staff and customers in the business environment.

5. Conveniently Priced

We offer both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services at affordable costs. The individual pricing is determined by the particular type of material of your carpet, and its size.

Let Us Clean Your Carpet!

That’s what we’re trained to do. The numerous customer reviews, recommendations and ratings are testament of our experienced and professional service delivery. Reach us through our free phone line and let us take care of your carpet cleaning needs. The online booking and payment systems are easy to access and follow, and we’ll be in your premises in the stipulated time.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Professional carpet cleaning services for less!

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