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Carpet Cleaning Dublin Sofa Cleaning Dublin Rug Cleaning Dublin Upholstery Cleaning DublinFully insured carpet cleaning specialists. Industrial and residential carpet cleaning services in Dublin. Top of the range results guaranteed. Book our services onlineExpert Carpet Care To Protect Your InvestmentThe statistics on dirty carpets can make one cringe. For starters, did you know that it can hold up to times its own weight in dirt? Most of it is buried within the material- about 85%, and by the time the carpet begins to become dull, there will have already been plenty of gunk in it. What of the bacteria? There can be over 4000 times more of the germs on your carpet that in a toilet seat. These range from the common bacteria feeding on the decaying food particles, to strains like Campylobacter and superbugs like MRSA which are brought into the building by infected persons. Then there's the hordes of dust mites in the carpet. There are millions of them within the fibres. Just one square yard can host close to 100,000 of the mites. What do they feed on? Those skin flakes shed by people and pets in the building. The average adult sheds about 10g dead skin each week. Multiply this by the number of persons in your establishment, and the mites have plenty to live on and thrive. When you observe a sun beam- like that shining through the window, one notices dust particles floating around. Around 80% of the particles are actually skin flakes.Importance Of Calling In The Carpet Cleaning ProfessionalsTaking on the task with a DIY project comes with plenty of risk to your investment. Mistakes made could end up simply causing you to waste time and leave you with unsatisfying results, or they could outrightly cost you your carpet. You don’t want to spend hours labouring on the carpet, only to end up with low quality results, stains that have been worked deeper into the fibres, or residue that has been left behind in the carpet. The latter increases the rate of resoiling, making a mockery of your efforts. All this is while taking on the risk of using the wrong cleaning agents, which can end up corroding the fibres, or causing colour bleeding. Blunders such as overwetting also result in shrinkage of the carpet or delamination, where it gets separated from its backing. Then there is the sheer workload involved. From preparing the cleaning solutions, the intense scrubbing on those stubborn stains, to pushing around heavy machinery around the room, you'll have plenty on your plate. Meanwhile, your kids are distracting you as they run around the house, and you also have to deal with other chores around the home, plus social calls from friends and neighbours dropping by to say hi. In business environments, your activities get crippled, especially when adequate control measures are not put in place, and the carpet is left too wet that it takes days to dry. These scenarios can be avoided by dialling up our professional carpet cleaning team, who take on the burden so that you won`t have to, and deliver quality results each time.

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